After creating a website to break into the online scene, you might be wondering how to monetize it. Allowing you to generate income from traffic and engagement, monetizing your website will provide many benefits, including offsetting development costs and even earning a profit.

Website monetization is possible for almost any online venture. In this guide, we’ll teach you how to monetize a website using 14 proven methods that can drive revenue and transform your online presence.

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How to monetize a website

Below, we’ll explore several methods for monetizing a website—from affiliate marketing and sponsored content, to dropshipping, siteflipping and more. Regardless of the approach you choose, the key to successful website monetization is ensuring that your strategy aligns your overall goals for running the site. By implementing the right strategy, you can turn your website into a profitable venture generating steady stream of income.

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  1. Sell merchandise
  2. Build a membership area
  3. Send out a premium newsletter
  4. Offer consulting services
  5. Start an online course
  6. Become an affiliate marketer
  7. Try dropshipping
  8. Rent ad space on your website
  9. Make sponsored content
  10. Write an ebook
  11. Create webinars
  12. Accept donations
  13. “Hire me” page
  14. Flip websites


01. Sell merchandise

Despite some commentators reporting that the US economy technically went into a recession in 2022, eCommerce revenue continued to grow both in the US and internationally. In turn, many businesses are selling merchandise by launching eCommerce websites or creating online stores on their existing sites.

In order to monetize your website by selling merchandise, you first need to decide what physical or digital product complements your brand’s online presence. Church St. Brewing Company, for example, used their online traffic and growing loyal audience as an opportunity to sell branded tumblers, hoodies and other coffee-related merchandise via their online store.

Following St. Brewing Company’s lead, businesses shifting to online sales should use an eCommerce platform that allows them to seamlessly fulfill and manage their orders. In addition, be sure to stay on top of the latest eCommerce trends, like personalization, to ensure you stand out from the crowd in this rapidly growing industry.

Tip: Use Wix’s print-on-demand feature to create and sell merchandise through your online store.

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